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In this directory, I only have files that are somehow Tandy-specific, or that take advantage of Tandy-specific features. There are several other sites that have DOS software. See links on the main page.

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The following directories are available:

Programs and documentation pertaining to GW-Basic on the Tandy 1000's.
Tandy National Parts Bill of Materials documents, from January 1995.
Tandy's DeskMate GUI, programs and documentation for the same, and DeskMate-format data files.
General documentation files about the Tandy 1000's and other PC-compatible Tandy systems, including product manuals.
Programs to emulate Tandy systems on an IBM PC or compatible, or otherwise relating to non-MSDOS Tandy systems; also Tandy 1000 emulators for newer PC's.
Documents from the Tandy Technical Faxback system, from January 1995.
Game and demo programs that take advantage of Tandy 1000/PCjr graphics or 3-voice sound or the Tandy DAC.
Programs to display and/or create graphic images, using special Tandy 1000/PCjr graphics modes, and documentation on the same.
Various programs that are not Tandy specific, but useful.
Setup programs for the 1000's and other PC-compatible Tandy systems.
Programs to play and/or record sound or music using the Tandy 1000/PCjr 3-voice sound chip or the Tandy DAC, or to play Tandy-format sound files, and documentation on the same.
System disks for Tandy 1000-series models.
Files recently added, not yet catalogued (via FTP).
System utility programs for the Tandy 1000's or other PC-compatible Tandy systems.
Various obsolete commercial programs, mostly related to Tandy or DeskMate (via FTP). Files in this directory are subject to removal at any time.

The official Tandy support site has setup and utility programs for the 1000's and other PC-compatible Tandy models. You can also find technical information there, such as jumper and switch settings.

See the Tandy 1000-series FAQ for more information on your Tandy.

Here are some other Tandy 1000-related sites:

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