Sound Programs
Ab v1.11 command-line sound file player for DOS/SoundBlaster. Compatible with Windows, OS/2, DesqView. Plays Tandy .snd, among others.
Conv2snd v2.02, converts Tandy .snd to/from .wav, others. New version reads/writes .wav headers, supports new-format .snd files.
Simple voice companding filter for Tandy .snd files, w/source as a Debug script. (Companding is a preprocessing step for sound compression.)
Program converts Mac sound files to Tandy .snd, with documentation in DeskMate Text format. (1,173,948 bytes)
Digpak and Midpak Developer's Kit v1.0. A collection of TSR drivers w/C and asm glue code for playing sound/midi files on a wide variety of soundcards, including the Tandy DAC and 3-voice chip. Use -d with Pkunzip to unzip with directories.
Program for Windows 95 or above, converts Tandy Music .sng to .hds format. See readme inside for instructions to play .hds on a Windows computer.
Dmsound v0.7 sound file player for DeskMate. Plays .wav, Tandy .snd, .au, others. See file Dmsound.txt.
DOS runtime files for Dmsound v0.7, to run Dmsound under DOS. See file Dmsound.txt.
Brief description of Dmsound program.
Jukebox for Tandy 1000 3-voice chip, plays 23 songs.
Demo plays MIDI files (in proprietary format) on Tandy 3-voice chip, among others.
How to use and to play MIDI's and sound files on a 1000.
Modedit v3.1 .mod editor. Requires 286+. Get to use Modedit with a Tandy DAC.
Text file describing
Music Transcription System music teaching and pitch training program. Displays, prints, plays, records music. Uses Tandy DAC & 3-voice. Many features.
MultiPlayer v2.0, plays .mod and many other music module types. Requires 286 or faster processor. Get to use MultiPlayer with a Tandy DAC.
2 programs for T1000/PCjr 3-voice: Play3voi v0.4 command-line .wav player and Piano v1.5 "piano" toy. With source. For XT-class machines only.
Program resets Tandy PSSJ to enable the joystick after playing sounds. For XT-class machines only (use Setdac in for newer models).
Playsnd 2.54, plays Tandy or Mac .snd, .voc, .wav, .au, .iff, .sam, others on Tandy DAC or PC speaker. Supports mouse, EMS. With source.
Playsnd command-line player for Tandy .snd files, requires Tandy DAC. Note: this is not the same Playsnd as
Program converts .wav to Tandy .snd.
Program to record and play sounds on the Tandy DAC. Features voice-activation.
Program to play .wav, .voc, .au, .iff, Mac or Tandy .snd, and other sound files on SoundBlaster or PC speaker. With source. (Same as Playsnd, but for SB.)
Advice from Kenneth Udut on how to improve recordings made with the DeskMate Sound.pdm program.
Sound programming information for the 1000RL.
Program from PCM Magazine, plays Tandy .snd from the command line. Requires Tandy DAC. Includes C source.
Sound demo, supports Tandy DAC or 3-voice sound chip.
Simple programs to play and record sounds on the Tandy DAC.
Windows 3.1 sound driver for the Tandy DAC. Self-extracting archive.
TSR provides access to 3-voice sound chip for Basic, Pascal, assembler. (This TSR is a subset of the one found in
Programs to record and play sounds at 11kHz on the Tandy DAC.
.obj and .asm files linkable with C for recording and playing sound on the Tandy DAC.
Tndsound program, records and plays sounds on the Tandy DAC. Menu-driven.
Demo plays classical music on 3-voice sound chip.
Programs and programming information for the Tandy DAC and 3-voice chip. Play and record .wav's to/from disk, emulate Covox, convert .snd to .mod samples.
Tantrakr v1.1 mod/s3m player for the Tandy DAC.
Source code for Tantrakr v1.1.
Program for Tandy 1000SL/TL/RL, displays microphone input graphically in 3 formats.

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