Game and Demo Programs

The following ftp site has some old games that only require CGA:

Try this site if you're looking for educational games for children. I don't know how many of these require a 386 or VGA, however:

Old DOS games can also be found here:

Mobygames lists commercial games using Tandy 1000 graphics and sound:,2/attributeId,31/ (graphics),2/attributeId,32/ (3-voice sound chip),2/attributeId,33/ (Tandy DAC)

There are many other sites that offer old DOS games. Just go to and search for "MS-DOS games".
Demo using Tandy 1000 video and 3-voice sound.
"Animal Quest" game for children. Requires EGA+, supports Tandy DAC (286+ required for sound support).
Darwin's Arena shareware arcade game, supports Tandy 1000 video and sound. Animated monsters fight it out.
FUNdamentals of the Tandy 1000, a bootable program describing the features of that system. Use included program to recreate the bootable disk.
A couple Tandy 16 color graphics demos.
The Three Bears, in-store demo for Christmas. Will run on any 1000 with a HD or a 720k floppy.
Playable Demo of Leisure Suit Larry 1.
Program demonstrates 640x200x16 mode on the 1000SL's, TL's, and RL's.
Program displays animated Mandelbrot set on 1000's (320x200x16 or 640x200x16 mode).
Monopoly game, supports Tandy graphics.
Ninja arcade game.
Demo for "Out of This World" game, supports Tandy graphics.
Shareware arcade game, supports Tandy graphics. Recommended: joystick, SoundBlaster/Adlib card.
Prince of Persia game, demo version. Very good 3-voice sound and Tandy graphics.
Rampage game, supports Tandy graphics.
Sound/video "Christmas card" from Sierra Online, supports Tandy video, 3-voice. Run INSTALL to set up, then type CARD to start.
Star Trek arcade game for 1000's.
Stormovik attack fighter game. You are the pilot of a Soviet SU-25 attack fighter. Supports Tandy 1000 graphics and sound (looks and sounds very good).
Demo using Tandy video.

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