Basic Programs (12,322,130 bytes)
Tandy 1000 BASIC Reference Manual. 1984 edition for original 1000. PDF format. (6,612,856 bytes)
A Guide to the Tandy 1000, DeskMate tutorial & reference, Basic reference for original 1000. PDF format.
Simple animation of cylinder in Tandy graphics (GW-Basic). (3,122,207 bytes)
Tandy 3000/4000 Basic Reference Manual. PDF format. (7,215,056 bytes)
Tandy 3000 Basic Reference Manual. PDF format.
Tandy 3000 Basic Quick Reference Guide. PDF format.
Tandy GW-Basic 01.01.00 from the original 1000/1000A disk set in the system directory. Supports Tandy video/3 voice (requires emulator on new PC).
Basic program, displays moving lines in Tandy graphics.
Basic program, displays American flag in Tandy graphics and plays "Star Spangled Banner" in 3-voice (GW-Basic). (Must run from diskette.)
Basic program, plays "Talk to the Animals," displays lyrics.
Basic program, plays Bach's Trio Sonata No. 1 on 3-voice chip.
Basic program, plays Bach's Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor on 3-voice chip.
Picture of Scud missile and information in Tandy graphics (GW-Basic).
Tandy GW-BASIC Quick Reference. PDF format.
Three Basic programs by James Blackmon. Joystick recommended.
Rudimentary CAD program for the 1000SX, written in Basic (does not run on the 1000TL).
Basic program draws Sopwith Camel airplane in Tandy/PCjr graphics.
Condo game in Basic. Developers compete to make the most money while avoiding disasters (like building inspectors :-).
A collection of Basic programs and accompanying batch files for setting printing modes on the DMP 130 printer.
Several Basic programs from 1000 Magazine (now defunct). Load and run MENU.BAS to start.
Drawing program for Tandy 1000's (GW Basic).
Driving game for Tandy 1000's (GW Basic).
GW-Basic from 1000EX disk set in the system directory. Supports Tandy video, 3-voice (requires emulator on new PC).
Basic program, displays picture of F-111F plane in Tandy graphics.
6 songs for 3-voice chip (GW-Basic).
Animation of man raising American flag, plays "Star Spangled Banner" (Tandy graphics, 3-voice, GW-Basic).
Basic program, plays "You're a Grand Old Flag" on the 3-voice chip.
3-dimensional tic-tac-toe game for Tandy 1000's (GW-Basic).
A large collection of Basic programs from James Blackmon (includes some other programs in this directory). (6,811,152 bytes)
Tandy 1000HX Tandy 1000TX Quick Reference. DOS, Basic, Debug, Edlin. PDF format.
A simple database program in Tandy 1000 GW-Basic used to manage a small business inventory.
Drawing program in Basic for Tandy 1000/PCjr.
Basic program plays 8 songs on PCjr 3-voice chip, with modified version for 1000's.
GW-Basic program displays fractal landscapes in Tandy graphics (slow but impressive-looking).
Several Tandy graphics demos (GW-Basic).
Christmas carol medley, played on the 3-voice chip (GW-Basic).
Basic program shows short animation in Tandy 1000/PCjr graphics.
13 songs for the 3-voice chip, in Basic.
Debug patch to correct lack of sound with SOUND function in Tandy GW-Basic v1.1 on the 1000A.
GW-Basic program, enables programming of function keys under DOS (requires ANSI.SYS).
Basic program plays songs on the 3-voice chip. Contains information on programming the chip in Basic.
Basic program displays Pepsi logo in Tandy/PCjr graphics.
Basic program, prints multiple copies of a file.
Basic program, displays weird sounds and pictures (uses Tandy graphics).
Basic program, plays "The Rainbow Connection" children's song on 3-voice chip, with animation in Tandy graphics.
Poker slot machine game in GW-Basic for Tandy 1000 and 1000TX (does not run on 1000TL).
Slot machine game for 1000-series (GW Basic).
Basic program, plays "Snowbird" by Anne Murray in 3-voice.
Program displays 3 animated space pictures in Tandy graphics (GW-Basic). (7,525,454 bytes)
Tandy 1000 BASIC Reference Manual. 1986 edition covers GW-Basic v2.02 and 3.20. PDF format.
Basic programs that use Tandy 3-voice sound.
Simple programs demonstrate use of Tandy graphics and 3-voice sound in GW Basic.
Patch instructions for Tandy GW Basic 2.02, fixes problem with beep.
GW-Basic from 1000TL disk set in the system directory. Supports Tandy video, 3-voice (requires emulator on new PC).
Basic program, displays Christmas tree in Tandy graphics, plays "The Twelve Days of Christmas" on the 3-voice chip.
Map of the U.S. for Tandy 1000 video (GW Basic).
Program displays pictures of cars on Tandy 1000 (GW Basic).
Program displays picture of aircraft carrier in Tandy graphics (GW-Basic).
Basic program plays overture to "William Tell" on the 3-voice chip.
Basic programs, display Christmas tree and wreath in Tandy graphics, play carols on the 3-voice chip.

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