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The FDI 2.0 fileformat specification is available here (PDF). The latest specification (2.1) is included in the Disk2FDI ZIP archive as a text file.

Developpers willing to support FDI 2.0 files should download these test images that contain Amiga, ST and PC demo programs: Tilt 105 demo disk (6.07 MB), Tilt 113 demo disk (5.78 MB), and Génération 4 demo disk 6 (5.37 MB). All 3 images work under WinUAE version 0.8.24 and above.

Get ADFOpus, mainly coded by Dan Sutherland and Gary Harris. This software allows extracting files from an ADF image (as well as importing them to an ADF). It also includes a nice Disk2FDI frontend. Note that the frontend part will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Download a stand-alone Windows 95, 98 and ME frontend for Disk2FDI, coded by Przemyslaw Kowalczyk. Note that it will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

View the document, written by Wolfgang Moser, explaining how to modify a 5.25" HD floppy disk drive to operate at 300 rpm, so that it can be used with Disk2FDI to image Commodore 1541 disks.

View the document, written by Markus Dötsch, explaining how to modify two Teac 5.25" HD floppy disk drives to read flipped 5.25" disks with Disk2FDI.

Download C sources, coded by Toni Wilen of the WinUAE team (enhanced by Thomas Harte, author of ElectrEm), to convert FDI 1.0 tracks back to raw bit streams. Licence: GPL. Developpers willing to support the FDI file format should download the WinUAE source code which contains the updated fdi2raw.c file supporting the FDI 2.1 specification.

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