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The current trial release (1.04) temporarily does NOT support FDI creation. However, imaging to the FDI format is possible with the registered version using additional hardware.

This version can read the following disks to standard sector-dumped disk image files:

  • Amiga (".ADF")
  • Apple disk ][ (".DO")
  • Atari ST (".ST")
  • Commodore 1541 (".D64")
  • PC (".IMG")
  • single-density (".DSK")

Please note that 2 floppy disk drives are required to read any of the above disks, except Atari ST and PC disks.

The archive includes documentation that you are encouraged to read before proceeding with the imaging of your disks. It also includes the e-mail address to contact me, Vincent Joguin.

Download Disk2FDI Trial Version 1.04 (1.55 MB)

The previous major version available below was able to create FDI files without a Disk2FDI cable, but the resulting files are usually unexploitable. You should not download this version unless you have a specific reason to do so.

Download Disk2FDI preview version 0.9

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