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That Oldskool Beat

From the first time I ever heard a personal computer beep, I have had a strong fascination with producing sound and music from early personal computers. Maybe it was the novelty of producing polyphonic sound from monophonic hardware, or the phenominon of pure composition that is left behind once you remove the texture of different-sounding instruments. Either way, to this day I am fascinated by the sound and music computers and gaming consoles can produce. And thanks to That Oldskool Beat, now you too can share this unnatural fascination! :-)

  • IBM PC Sound Ramblings: A long time ago, "That Oldskool Beat" was just a single article written about the joys and memories of early IBM PC sound and music. That article, including sound clips, is archived here.
  • Sound Card Museum: We illustrate the early pioneers of computer and console sound and music using history, pictures, sound clips, and programming information. A museum, if you will.

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