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Welcome to my archive. Some of the files in this archive are compressed. Click to download Pkzip 2.04g for DOS to decompress them. In many cases, the -d option is useful to extract subdirectories.

PDF files on this site require Adobe Acrobat or Reader v5.0 or later:Get Adobe Reader

Archive Contents

Tandy 1000 files

Directory via FTP

Tandy 1000-series FAQ

ASCII text via FTP

DOS Internet programs

Directory via FTP

Main directory via FTP

Mirror site at (FTP)


Tandy Product Support

Yahoo Tandy 1000 Group

CD Collections at

Garbo DOS Archive

U. Michigan DOS Archive

Simtel DOS Archive

Simtel DOS Archive (FTP)

PC-Blue Archive



Pictures of my Tandy 1000TL

Tandy 1000HX/EX pictures

Tandy 1000RL, RLX, and RSX pictures

Tandy 1000TX/SX pictures

You can email me at tvdog \dot\ site \at\ gmail \dot\ com.