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The Guides

All the oldskool PC help you'll ever need

Welcome to The Guides, the section of that helps you solve oldskool PC problems such as how to get older software running on newer PCs, how to make backup copies of your original protected disks before they fade away forever, and finding new uses for that old machine collecting dust down in your basement.

Let the knowledge transfer begin.

  • Software Guides: Assorted guides to specific software titles.
  • Tvdog's FTP Archive (Tandy FAQ and DOS Internet Resources): A mirror of tvdog's excellent collection of Tandy and DOS Internet resources. The Tandy 1000 FAQ alone is worth its weight in gold. If you own a Tandy 1000 series machine, do not pass this up.
  • Getting Old Software Running on Newer PCs: Originally written in 1998 for machines of that era, this guide attempts to help you run old games on your modern computer. Particular emphasis is given to methods that do not require special hardware or software.
  • Text editors for the 4.77MHz 8088: The more I write text on my 8088, the more frustrated I get at how slow or non-functional most text editors are. This section of chronicles text editors I've tried, and lists the winners and losers.
  • Recording The IBM PC Speaker: Recording the output of the PC Speaker is deceptively complex. In this guide, we show you several different methods on how to record the output of the tiny beeper inside your 5150/5160, as well as their pros and cons.
  • The Great Floppy Backup Shoot-out: Which DOS-era floppy backup program was the most masterful at taking over every spare bit of I/O and turning it into backup goodness? We test six programs that tried to claim the throne and expose the skinny.

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