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Welcome to The Oldskool PC, a website dedicated to old PC gaming-related nostalgia and resources.
The Information Revolution will be fought on the command line.
The Guides
Technical help (and new uses) for old PC software and hardware.
The Shrines
Pages of Worship dedicated to a particular aspect of PC computing or gaming in the 1980's.
The Basement
Miscellanous materials and media. All good things end up in your basement.
Can't read Amiga and other format disks on a PC? Guess again, wussy boy!
The Classic Demoscenes
Pushing the PC/C64/Amiga past its limits to achieve the impossible, all for the sake of entertainment.
So just what the heck is

Want to boot an old 5.25" diskette, but you don't always have access to a 5.25" drive? Flopper is your savior.
That Oldskool Beat
How cool can old computers and consoles really sound? Just listen.
The world's first Tandy and IBM PCjr exclusive emulator. Extraordinary PC sound and graphics in 1984? Believe it, baby!
Oldskool Tales
Memories, nostalgia, and respect for the days of bare metal coding. My ass is raw from these guys kicking it.
Classic Poker Games
You can't get any more old school than poker, the world's most popular and iconic card game was destined for the modern web.
Who is this guy?
Everything you ever wanted to know about Trixter but were afraid to ask.
Oldskool PC Software
Hell, we've got all sorts of programs that either work with any IBM PC, or help you with one. Take a gander.

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