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The Basement

Some background: In 1996, while restoring an old Tandy 1000 that was donated to me, I ran many old Electronic Arts games I still had and found myself overcome with the desire to learn of the programmer's careers after their early pioneering days. "Whatever happened to Will Harvey?" and so on. Quickly after that, I found myself overrun with questions about nostalgic PC gaming: "Where can I get new copies of the old games I cherised?" "What were all the moves in Bop'N'Wrestle?" "Was there ever a version of Super Hang-On released for the PC?" Fueled by that, I found my mind wandering: "Just how did RealSound games get such great sound out of the crappy PC speaker?" "What the hell is the enemy in Silpheed saying?" "How can I get a replacement hard drive into this Tandy?" After much legwork that involved gopher, FTP, the web, some BBSes (what few I could find still around), and a couple of phone calls, I had my answers. But it took so much work that I thought I'd start work on a central resource so that other people wouldn't have to go through what I did. So, as I did before with my past involvment in the demoscene, I started working on a definitive place to go. With the completion of MobyGames, most of that vision has come to fruition. But still needed was somewhere to dump miscellaneous crap that someone, somewhere, was looking for...

...which is here. Welcome to The Basement.

List o' crap, in no particular order:

Whoa, short list after such a big hype! Well, feel free to sift through the basement by yourself.

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