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A diskette imaging utility for older PCs

New version 2.1 for 2023


DISK2IMG is a diskette imaging utility for DOS written for both speed and recovery of bad sectors. For bulk imaging, it has the ability to query the diskette to determine geometry and rename the file's extension accordingly. It has quality-of-life features, such as operating very quickly while still able to retry bad sectors, displaying ETA, a sector dump and sector reconstruction display, a map of the dump status while running, and can even try to salvage all of the non-weak bits out of a damaged sector. Consult the documentation that comes with the program for more information.

I currently use DISK2IMG to image DOS-formatted floppies in bulk with the following options:

disk2img b: image.raw /q /e

This determines what kind of disk it is, dumps it as quickly as possible, and then renames the ".raw" part to something that makes sense (ie. .360, .720, etc.)

Run disk2img /? for a full list of options.

Downloads The program with revision history and partial source code.


Consult the documentation included with the program.

Known Bugs

If you have been running complex imaging utilities before you run disk2img, some of them can leave certain DOS or BIOS data structures in a nonconformant state. disk2img detects this condition and warns you to reboot your computer before attempting to run disk2img. This isn't really a bug, I guess, but I thought I'd mention it.

Development History

Full development history is bundled in the documentation included with the program.

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