The Ark According To Captain Blood

CHAPTER 2 (And Bob Made Blood)

Back in his apartment, Bob's mind was still reeling. Darwin, Pac People, aliens...What if it was true?
"Ye gods! If it's really happening, something's gotta be done!", thought Bob.
"I know", he cried, "I'll infiltrate them. That's my new masterpiece! I'll need to create a being based on man, a kind of superman, completely competent, MYSELF!"
And while he raved, Bob was already at the keyboard, typing in the vital first instructions.

Months passed. List-outs snaked through all the available space. Ashtrays were piled on ashtrays. Bob programmed on.

Six months later, he had created a vessel called ARK, fitted with an onboard computer called a bio-consciousness.
Still later, the ARK was placed under the command of his computer double: Captain BLOOD. His mission: Fight evil in all the computerised universe...
Lastly, he created a bio-writer whose task would be to recount the amazing saga in detail.
Finally came the great day. He typed in the final momentous instruction: 'RUN'...

At that moment, something major happened: Bob winked out. I mean, he physically DISAPPEARED!

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