Jimbo's Family Album

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Our son, Samuel, has his own home page.

[My wife and I]Me and my wife, Melissa. I usually wear glasses, but I'm not wearing them in this picture.

[My siblings]My siblings. My sister Anne is on the left, and my brother John is in the middle. I'm the tall guy. We don't look anything like this any more; I should probably put up a more recent picture.

[Our cats]Our cats, Schmutzie (white) and Niki (dark mix). There's a white teddy bear in between them, so don't think that Schmutzie's deformed.

[Our cats]Schmutzie. My brother John is an amateur photographer, and he snapped this shot, which is one of my favorite pictures.

[Our cats]Niki. Niki is incredibly dim-witted and large, but we love her as much as the other cats. She's very vocal.

[Three of our cats]Me with Raven on my chest, Spatz on my legs, and Niki in the cat bed. Raven is jet-black.

[Spatz]Spatz playing in the bathroom sink. Now you know why we named her Spatz.

Jim Leonard (Trixter / Hornet)