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Personal Info:

We just had our first child, a wonderful baby boy. He has his own home page if you'd like to learn more about him.

Another announcement, however sad: I have no more time for HTML fun, so the rest of this page is fairly outdated. Someday I'll update it, but probably not for a while. Caveat Surfer.

I have a great job working for DePaul University as a UNIX-techno-guy; you can read more about what I do there on my "professional" home page. I throughly enjoy life with my wife, Melissa. (We were married on August 20th, 1994.) We have four cats, Niki, Schmutzie, Raven, and Spatz. If you'd like to see some pictures of all of us, visit my family album. You can even catch a picture of our son--and he hasn't been born yet!

Trixter is my demo-scene "handle". I am heavily involved with the demo scene, having loved demos since 1990. Want to know what the demo scene is? Visit the PC Demos Explained page, which describes what a demo is and defines some of the common slang. It also provides a brief history on demos and the Demo Scene.

I also have a love of MOD music, and have written a tool to help me catalog my collection called ModInfo. The current version is usually available at ftp.cdrom.com/pub/demos/music/programs, but I also keep a copy readily available just in case it's not there.

Alas, if you have absolutely no interest in demos whatsoever, then feel free to check my personal list of neat places. I've collected these sites as I've hopped around the Web, and many are springboards to a whole new level of wasted time. I try to collect sites based on quality, not quantity.

Current Events:

(This section is no longer updated. Newest entries are from top to bottom.)

(8/11/95) I realized I have no real time for HTMLing. :-(

(7/24/95) I finally got the button thing to work on my PC Demos Explained page. Check it out to see what I mean.

(7/4/95) Taking some time out on the holiday, I noticed that my PC Demos Explained pages were taking an average of over 3000 hits a day! Yehaa! I've attained 10 of my 15 minutes of fame!

(6/20/95) We got two more cats, Raven and Spatz. I haven't updated the family album uet, but look there soon for pictures of all four of our cats.

(6/10/95) Now I've done it. I talked to some guy from Wired for about 2 hours and they went and wrote an article about the Demo Scene. :-) Now I just hope that my Web pages hold up...

(5/25/95) If you haven't heard from me in quite a while, that's because I'm very busy at work working on a client-server project using Microsoft Access (client) and Oracle 7.0.16 (server). In fact, all this week I attended DBA class at the Oracle Training Center in Chicago.

(4/17/95) Yehaa! I'm back from going to NAID, and it was fantastic! Here's a short list of stuff I'm very glad I did:

Random Thoughts:

(Stuff I think about for no apparent reason)

Jim Leonard (Trixter / Hornet)