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Tand-Em -- The PCjr and Tandy 1000 Emulator

Welcome to the JRipCart page of the Tand-Em Project! JRipCart is a small utility that runs on an IBM PCjr or IBM JX to create image files of original PCjr cartridges. The IBM PCjr and JX computers featured 2 cartridge ports, and a few games and utilities were released in this format.

For more complete information on the PCjr (and its clone machine, the Tandy 1000, which didn't feature cartridge ports), visit The Oldskool Shrine to The IBM PCjr and Tandy 1000.


JRipCart is currently at release 1.0 beta 2. The distribution package contains the JRipCart and JROMRip utilities, and documentation.

Contributions and Contact Info

Join the Tand-Em Project! If you can help contribute to Tand-Em, either to the source code base or the disk/cartridge image archive, we'd love to hear from you! For bug reports or suggestions to the JRipCart utility itself, contact Vincent Joguin. For any other contributions, such as cartridge images created with JRipCart, contact Jim Leonard

More Information

For more information on the PCjr, try looking at Mike's PCjr Page.

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