Tandy 1000HX/EX Pictures

Here are some pictures of a 1000HX (actually a couple different HX's). You can click on the pictures to see a larger version. At the bottom are a couple pictures of a 1000EX.

In the picture at left, the HX is booting from ROM into Tandy DOS 2.11.

Below right: a view from the back.

Left: The HX keyboard is built into the case. It is a compact machine. The cover over the expansion slots has been removed.

Below right: Rear view of the unit.

: Left and right sides of the unit.

Left: The speaker is on the bottom. The volume is adjusted with a fingernail.

Right: The HX has card-edge connectors on the back for a printer and an external floppy drive. The round video connector is for a composite monochrome monitor, or a TV.

Left: Expansion is via "Plus" cards - essentially standard 1/2-length 8-bit cards, but with a 62-pin connector. Shown here: a serial port card and memory expansion adapter.

Right: There is one Plus connector on the motherboard.

Both sides: The HX came with 256k RAM installed. To increase it to 640k required a memory card like this. The card also added a DMA chip and 2 additional Plus expansion sockets, permitting up to 3 cards to be used. This card doesn't have any memory on it.

Both: This card adds a 25-pin serial port.

Both: Another Plus card. This one is a 1200-baud modem. Some modems for the HX were not Hayes-compatible, but this one is.

Left and below: If you wanted to add a standard 8-bit card, you could modify the memory expansion card to convert one of the Plus sockets into a standard card slot. Here is a memory card that has been modified in that way. See the 1000-series FAQ for instructions.

Left: With the case opened. The power supply was on the right. The 1000HX is not easy to disassemble, or to put back together again.

Right: A view of the motherboard.

Left: A closer view of the 8088 processor, BIOS, and RAM chips. The BIOS chip is the only "user-accessible" part of the motherboard.

Below: The 8088 could be upgraded with an NEC V20 like this one.

Left: The special external floppy drive made for the 1000EX also works with the HX. This is a 3.5" 720k drive.

Right: Tandy Deluxe Joystick.

Left: Sierra King's Quest 1. There were many games made for this machine (and other 1000's).
Right and below: The 1000EX is very similar to the 1000HX. It has a 360k drive on the side rather than a 720k drive in front. It also lacks the capability of booting from ROM that the HX has and does not have an EEPROM for setup information.

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