My Hate Mail

This one came to me from "Jim" who starts off by saying I have some valid points and then sort of politely tells me why he thinks I am wrong but ends with hoping I burn in hell. Looks like I got him a little worked up.

 From Wed Dec 25 00:36:21 1996
Subject: Why you suck!!!

You have some valid points. First off The Edge can play. You just were not listening. Bono is not the greatest singer in the world but at least he can carry a tune and make it popular. As for the rhythm section, I will start with Adam Clayton whois probably one of the best if not the best bass player. If you come up with someone else then you can tell me so. Larry Mullen Jr. is not a flashy drummer. He is your basic drummer but has evolved over the years to become a good drummer. they were not the first but they made it come into the mainstream of popular music. As for the religious innuendo's and the political bullshit how the hell would you like to live in a country where there is constant war and fighting between religious factions? The boys still live in their native homeland of Ireland and they record there and their children are schooled there. They got to be so damn popular because of their talent to bring their Celtic traditions over to North America. NIN is a bunch of indutrial noise and Trent screams not sings but screams in his music. I can only take so much of Trent and then I have to shut him off. My sister and I are both fans of U2. REM and Pearl Jam state their political views also. I hate people like you and you should keep an open mind. I hate country music but I am subjected to it daily because my father is a fan of country music and you don't see me on the net saying I hate Shania Twain or Garth Brooks. U2 has grown to be one of my favourite bands. They are not all I listen to but I do listen to them alot. I do think that The Edge is brillinat and that Bono is creative with his tours and lyrics. Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen remixed the Mission Impossible theme to bring it up to date. As for them treating their fans like shit you can't talk to them all and they can't all come up on stage with you and sing their favourite song. Maybe the bands you listen to don't have enough fans and you are jealous of the fans that U2 has. That is what I think of your little web page. I think that you have to b so much. By putting something like this on the web you are asking for every flame and every nasty message that you get. I hope that you rot in hell!!!!!!! CJ

Remember. You can't spell "asshole" without AOL.

From Sat Dec 21 13:26:11 1996
Subject: the pot calling the kettle a poser.

that's cute and all...but mostly irrelevant.

if you were around in the 60's, you'd be preaching that the Beatles suck because "Chuck Berry was playing those songs before John Lennon pulled his head out of his ass"..or whatever.

Joshua Tree pink floyd-ish?! i didn't hear any annoying electronic beeps or ten minute tracks consisting of nothing but heart beats....

it just comes down to this: NIN may have done it before. u2 legitimized it. u2 made it listenable and proved it could be brought into the mainstream without selling it out. (thus NIN's huge popularity) and please Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton are lightyears ahead of any other "decent rock band" other rhythm section could've pulled of that mission impossible theme. what other rock bands would you compare them to?? Kentucky-fried REM? The band who always find a way to reach new heights of boring? What....Van